Pursuant to Oxnard City Ordinance No. 2610, effective November 28, 2002, the Oxnard Fire Department is required to charge an inspection fee for fire permits listed in Section 105 of the California Fire Code.

This fee schedule is listed in the Fire Department Fee Worksheet listed below.


Pursuant to Oxnard City Council Resolution No. 10,227, effective October 14, 1991, the Oxnard Fire Department is required to charge an inspection fee for state license inspections.

These inspections include, but are not limited to, day care facilities, community care facilities, high rise occupancy, and other state required inspections.

The fee for these inspections are listed below.

The fee includes the initial inspection and one follow up inspection. Any additional inspections required due to non- compliance with any applicable regulations will result in an additional inspection fee. The minimum fee will be one hour.

All fees must be paid in advance before scheduling an inspection or re-inspection

Please make checks payable to the: City of Oxnard, and remit payment to the Oxnard Fire Department, 360 W. Second Street, Oxnard, CA. 93030.

An inspection will be scheduled after all applicable forms and permit fees are properly submitted.

Please pay the amount indicated below.


Community Care / Day Care Facilities -- Initial Inspection $164
Inspection / Re-inspection / Annual Inspection $82 / hour
High Rise Inspection $82 / hour

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the Oxnard Fire Department at 385-7722.


Listed below are the general fire safety requirements for assembly occupancies from the Uniform Fire Code.

  1. Constant supervision shall be by a competent adult on the premises during the time that the premises is open to the public. Oxnard Police Department approval may be required.
  2. All decorative material, including Christmas trees, shall be nonflammable or treated with flame retardant. Treatments shall be renewed as often as necessary to maintain the flame retardant effect.
  3. Exit doors and panic hardware shall be maintained in good working order. Exits shall not be blocked or otherwise obstructed. No other locks shall be permitted on exit doors other than panic hardware.
  4. All exit aisleways shall be free from obstructions. All exits shall be plainly marked and provided with exit illumination, if required.
  5. Standard seating shall be in rows spaced not less than 33 inches back to back.
  6. Where smoking is permitted, approved noncombustible ashtrays or match receivers shall be provided at each table and at other convenient places.
  7. All fire appliances shall be kept in good working condition. Extinguishers shall be visible and accessible at all times. Supervisory people shall be trained in the use of all fire appliances on site.
  8. Occupant load shall not exceed posted occupant load of the room.
  9. Open flame devices or candles shall not be permitted unless specified in writing by the Oxnard Fire Department.
  10. When required by the Chief, standby fire personnel may be required.

Please contact the Oxnard Fire Department at 385-7722 for specific requirements for your location.


  1. One 2-A 10-B:C rated extinguisher, in operable condition, shall be provided in each cooking booth.
  2. Secure all compressed gas cylinders to prevent tipping over.
  3. All LPG cylinders shall have an approved regulator and hose to the cooking appliance.
  4. All decorative materials and fabric shall be inherently flame proof or properly treated in booths that have open flame devices or cooking appliances.
  5. All booths are subject to inspection by the Oxnard Fire Department and any discrepancies will require immediate attention.
  6. Seating shall be a minimum of 15' from booths with open flame devices or cooking appliances.
  7. Deep fat fryers or any cooking device capable of splashing hot oil shall be located to the rear of the booth.
  8. There shall be a competent adult in cooking booths at all times to insure safety.


  1. The Fire Department must be provided with a site plan showing emergency access.
  2. Post 911 emergency phone numbers on all adjacent pay phones.
  3. The Oxnard Fire Department shall be provided with a telephone number of responsible party to contact in case of emergency on a 24 hour basis.
  4. The Oxnard Fire Department can be contacted for non-emergency type business at 385-7722 during normal business hours and 385-7712 after hours.

For further information:
Oxnard Fire Department

(805) 385-7722
Last Updated: Jun 24 2008